Ebonie Williams

Owner of Oooh Girl

Natural Beaded Row Extensions Specialist

I am a lover of mint chocolate! Let's be honest I love anything with chocolate. I love to start my mornings with a fresh cup of coffee with French Vanilla Creme! Becoming 40 has changed a lot about how I look at life and family, and being a hairstylist has let me have the best of both worlds. 

Why am I here? Why do I do what I do? It is not just a simple "Because I love to do hair." There are so many things that go into why I am a hairstylist. 

I love the creative freedom it allows me to have. With each color client that I see, I have the opportunity to customize their color just for them. Each one is special, and each one is different. I love the people I work with. Each of my stylists offers something unique, which is one part of why my salon is unique. 

I am a hairstylist because I love doing hair and because I love the people who sit in my chair. Whether I see you every month or every 3 months, I enjoy our time together. 

From the very beginning, either talking over the phone or in person, you should feel comfortable and relaxed. I always start with a consultation with every client who sits in my chair. If you are a regular client, you should expect me to ask you quite often if there is anything you would like to do differently. Sometimes we get stuck in a rut and need a little something different to pull us out of it. Most of the time, changing up the hair does quite a good job at turning things around. Feel free to ask any questions! 

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Abby Lopez

Hair Artist

Color & Haircut Specialists

Lash Lifts

I have 12 years experience in the cosmetology field. I love to do hair and I'm very passionate about it. I love to be able to create something that makes someone else happy. Doing hair goes much deeper than superficial beauty. I want my clients to feel beautiful inside and out.

To book an appointment please call her directly 505-363-1121

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